Our Story

2015 marks Mickey Dean Fisher's 50th anniversary of his first guitar lesson. After seeing all those girls screaming at The Beatles, his football career was over and his guitar playing career began.
Mickey played his first professional gig in 1966 (he knew A LOT of Monkees songs) and things have gone pretty well since then. He toured the east coast with an Elvis impersonator in the late 70s and managed a music store in the 80s. In the 90s, he was the darling of MP3.com, winning awards and becoming a critical success as Mickey Dean, a fictional Country Western Artist created for the internet.
The end of the 90s saw Mickey become the staff guitarist at American Music Theater where he played 300 shows a year and even got to co-write and perform the country-themed show Country Jukebox with famed playwright Ted Swindley, author of Always Patsy Cline.
Since that time to present, Mickey has performed/recorded with a number of FAMOUS people like Victoria Shaw, Rob Cosby, Heather Miles, Charlie Gracie, and Robert Gordon.
Although his current love is Little Leroys, Mickey maintains a close relationship with Lanark Records as an A&R guy and with Lanark's Ace Producer Quentin Jones.                          www.chickenpicker.com

The date was October 19, 2009. Cindy Little decided that she shouldn't live another day without cultivating something that had been planted in her decades earlier -- a love of soulful, hot-blooded...yet quiet-tempered music. And so she spent a year with a voice coach and sang her first time, solo, as the oldest performer at a springtime recital. The high that resulted was the catalyst for all that would come.

Cindy works as a freelance ghostwriter and copywriter, sings alto and soprano in her church's adult ensemble and choir, cantors, sings for wedding ceremonies, and of course, rocks with Little Leroys. Every performance is a compilation of what she would call "timelessly great music," and she has her uber-talented bandmates to thank for their support...both on and off stage. Contact her here for bookings of any type.

It was in the 3rd grade that Craig first picked up a drumstick & began taking lessons. Over time, he participated in school concert, marching band, stage band, and orchestra. While in high school, he studied with popular local big band drummer Bob Lyter, instructor for many up-and-coming drummers in the Lancaster area.

While in college, Craig joined his first band and began performing in local music venues. Since 1988, Craig has had the pleasure of laying down the beat for country, rock, and smooth jazz bands while having the privilege of playing and making music with some of the area’s finest musicians. All this leading up to currently playing with the awesome performers in Little Leroys, where there’s never a dull moment.

Ron Bitler, largely a self-taught bass player, joined his first band in 8th grade, playing guitar and bass. The following year, he switched to exclusively playing bass. After college graduation, he became serious about playing and joined the Hunch Boogie Band from Reading, PA.

Four years later, he joined the Roadhouse Band, playing Country Rock and Texas Swing all over Eastern PA. A variety of blues and rock bands followed, leading to the Country Freedom Band -- the first of many collaborations with Mickey Dean Fisher. Country Freedom Band later became Midnight Rodeo and opened for many nationally known acts, backed Anna Stapleton in Nashville, and appeared on TNN. This led to Ron's transition to double (upright) bass.

Ron also spent a number of years with a Delaware State Champion Bluegrass Band named Special Delivery, which played all over the tri-state area and was a favorite at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. After a brief hiatus, Ron was reunited with Mickey Dean Fisher in Gary Melton's Rock and Soul Revival, and it wasn't long before Ron was inducted into the Berks County Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In the Summer of 2018, he joined Little Leroys.